Sunday, August 29, 2010

Obstruction of Justice: California Judges Target of Indictment & Grand Jury Demand

California Superior Court Judge David P. Yaffe
Resigned Before Term Expires

Washington D.C. Since March of 2009, the Full Disclosure Network® has been reporting on the issue of Corruption in the California Courts and Judiciary. Throughout 2009 to date, we have produced an on-going cable television series and Internet news reports of the breaking developments. Here is the latest:

Dr. Richard I. Fine, a prominent 70-year-old former U.S. Prosecutor who served with the Department of Justice in the Anti-Trust Division in Washington D. C., has filed a demand for Grand Jury indictments, naming twenty-two California Judges whom he claims have been obstructing justice in the U. S. and California Courts. The demand was submitted to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, California's A.G. Edmund G. (Jerry) Brown, Jr. , Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley and U.S. Attorney Andre Birotte, Jr. View Document Here

Richard Fine's Call For Citizen Action: Please Download & Print Flyer Here

Richard Fine has been held in solitary "Coercive Confinement" for over eighteen months in L.A. Men’s Central Jail after State Superior Court Judge David P. Yaffe held him in civil contempt of court on March 4, 2009. His crime? He attempted to disqualify the Judge who had admitted taking illegal payments from a party involved in the case before him. That party was the County of L.A., where the County Counsel's website reports that, since 2005, Judges always ruled in favor of the County except for three cases. Fine also reveals in his indictment demand that, since1987, State Superior Court Judges in L.A. have received $300 million in illegal payments from the county. (Read Yaffe's Court Transcript Here)


The Demand submitted by Fine cites specific cases where illegal payments to Judges led to obstruction of justice, including one such case where State Superior Court Judge David P. Yaffe admitted in court testimony to taking the illegal payments. Fine also cites where Judge Yaffe admitted in his Minute Order on July 13, 2010 that he lied to the higher courts when ruling against him following Fine’s petition to the U.S. Supreme Court citing "Fraud Upon the Court"

It is believed the unexpected resignation of State Superior Court Judge David P. Yaffe a few weeks ago was prompted by both the Richard I Fine case and the Sturgeon vs. County of L.A. case won by the Judicial Watch organization. The November 2008 Sturgeon ruling held the County payments to State Judges was illegal. The California Judicial Council quietly slipped through state legislation (Senate Bill SBx2-11) in February 2009 at the height of the budget crisis attempting to legalize the payments. The questionable law calls for retroactive immunity from criminal and civil prosecution for all California Judges and government officials involved in the scheme.


Richard Fine Jail House Interview Preview (4 Min)

Summary: Richard Fine & Sturgeon Case (6 min)

Update: On Fine Case & Judge Yaffe Admission (5 Min)

Why Can't the ACLU Help Richard Fine? (7 min)

Please Download Richard Fine’s Call To Action: PRINT Flyer Here


  1. All right, maybe this will build a fire under someone, and get some action. The stillness of the past couple of months was kinda eerie. I'm surprised the new precedents set by the supremes in their denial of due process hasn't gotten more publicity. But I understand MSM has blacked this story out, to prevent the collapse of California. Since the entire governmental body of the state is in some way involved in the biggest fraud on the people ever in the history of this nation. I think we're gettin' close to where the right to bear arms might need to be utilized in defense of our constitution, our rights, and our nation.
    God speed Richard.

  2. Having many years of experience in the courts, and 14 events before the U.S.spureme Court, the center of the problem lies with the judge-created doctrine of "Judicial Immunity." It will not be until this doctrine is controlled by a Special Grand Jury that anything will be accomplished.

    Whe I say "Grand jury," I do not mean a County Grand Jury we are acquainted with. They are hand-picked by the judges, advised by the District Attorney, and bound by the State Legislature.

    I filed a criminal complaint with the Los Angeles County Grand Jury. I received back from the same a letter stating that they did not have jurisdiction to investigate a sitting judge, and that I would have to take the matter to the California Commission on Judicial Performance. The CJP stated that since it was a criminal matter, they had no jurisdiction to prosecute, and that I would have to take it to the State Attorney General. The A.G., after seeking to send me back to the CJP, finally accepted the criminal complaint, but then latter ditched it and would no longer speak with me. I then went to the governor and they spoke nicely with me, but afer I left the governor's office they would no longer speak with me.

    I know the system, and know it very well. Never will the People find redress as it relates to the judges until they set up an Independent Special Citizen's Grand Jury created for that sole purpose of dealing with that doctrine of judicial Immunity. Yes, we do have an answer! The answer is set out point by point in detail when the People decide they wish to do something about the problem.

    Ron Branson
    National J.A.I.L. Commander-In-Chief

  3. So Ron, when this does go to a grand jury, the ones that refused to investigate your complaint will be prosecuted as conspirators? Seems like the whole government of California will have to be investigated since they're all aware of the criminal activity, but refuse to do anything about it. Wouldn't that make them just as guilty? And, we could add fraud to the charges, since, they took an oath, but refuse to honor it.

  4. So true Joebanana, and so the depression, not recession that our state expects the taxpayers to fix is all due to this exact kind of mismanagement of funds.

    We pay them to screw us all over. They blew our whole economy, yet we have no say even today, on how to fix it. I don't remember voting for any of their bloated salaries.

    It amazes me how we take the blame for everything wrong with this state, yet they are the ones running it into the ground. Makes me sick.

    Whenever I see an elected official talking on T.V. I turn the channel. Whenever I read an article where an elected official was quoted as saying "we need to pull together, or "we need to live withing our mean" I turn the T.V. off.

    We live within our means, or we lose our homes, our cars, etc. They however don't live within their means, because they don't have a budget. If they need more money, they take it. We pay, they play.

    How do we stop that? I am tired of these liars being voted into office. Promise the world if elected, then close the trap on us, once voted in.

    Just look at the two losers running for Governor. Both are going to sink us.

    I want out. Justice is not part of the English language anymore. It was translated among the elected officials to Just-Us.

    Hope you enjoy handing over your paychecks, because that is where we are headed.

  5. California voters were tricked into voting on the initiative that established the commission on judicial performance that made the judicial branch of our government independent from the other two branches and insulated it from the people. The commission on judicial performance must be abolished. Thomas Jefferson feared what would happen if one branch of government ever became "independent" and thus more powerful than the other two.

  6. We are all obligated to stand behind Dr. Fine & after all he's done which Finely included the severe price paid being illegally jailed, which the county of Los Angeles surely owe's Million's in compensation for. In my opinion these Judges & Supervisors must be held accountable immediately. I see 2 crimes here being committed simultaneously.
    County Supervisors stealing huge amounts of our tax dollars, revenue intended for legitimate are never applied. These funds then used by the supervisors as if belonged to them to bribe the Judges & contaminating & destroying our court rooms & justice system. The bribe money stolen, now approx. $25 Million /year then is parlayed by 430 Superior Courts what probably amount's to some colossal figure of millions in undeserved annual revenue when all cases always found in favor of the county. In doing so these Judges grind away at us with the illegal fines manufactured by flawed criminal rulings relentlessly impose week after week. These Judges & Supervisors have an endless thirst for our money, robbing us blind & at the same time, further destroying the local economy. I'd be curious what huge amount these County Supervisors are pocketing out of all this.
    Who ever it is running the LA Times has a stake in this too. They've lied & pushed the very opposite of truth in all this. The last election they actually endorsed all these Judges. On top of that, these Supervisors & Judges hired the" Two Largest Law firms in the World to represent each separately in court, the findings of which they both completely lost at trial with these payments being ruled unconstitutional. Which like the good criminals they are they have simply failed to ever respond back to the court. While the Judges & Supervisors are poolside, living like movie stars! They shouldn't be in a pool, they should be in a prison. In reality, these payments began when a supposed "temporary Judge" signed it into law. But, when you investigate carefully, you find this person who signed wasn't a Judge at all, not even a temporary judge, but in fact, just a person there that day who was a only a "witness" in an separate unrelated case. The person signing wasn't qualified to sign anything at all. But whoever wanted this done, got this person's ill-legitimate signature to do the job.
    Our Judges are employed & paid solely by the State & they're job providing us with true & balanced decisions & what our tax $'s for. A job unnecessary when all cases are predetermined to be in the county's favor. No longer is there any decision's necessary. Then position of Superior Court Judge become's obsolete & annual salary unnecessary & a bad investment Mean while we keep paying 430 Judges's salary's, Which then paves the way for the flawed rulings, the courts robbing us & giving us this runed justice system that's all built on a criminal foundation & the opposite of justice, now, Pure Injustice!
    Just think what's a little white lie to a judge, Insignificant right & since it doesn't hold a candle to being straight out bribed. I bet almost anything goes, if your a Judge! All aused by them ungratefully & illegally taking these payments, causing huge amount's of trouble & eventually them wanting to play like they're God.!
    Now this is getting ugly! Look what happened to Dr. Fine, put in solitary for a year & 1/2, then when it went to the Supreme Court, astonishingly they failed to act.

  7. Don't you think if you profiled other current cases you might get a little more milage.
    Don't get me wrong, Mr. Fine case is a true shocker... but there are a lot of other compelling stories that can be told that show a pattern of Racketeering by LA County.

    Just a thought, it seems like all you are willing to present here is Mr. Fine's case...
    If you click through the links at the above site you will be amazed to see there is a much bigger problem... That calls for drastic legal maneuvers... Like annexation when you realize they are extorting our Constitution out from underneath us shutting down courthouses in the furtherance of a budget crisis? What budget Crisis? Walter Burien: CA CAFRs show $8 trillion in tax surpluses. Hummmmm makes you wonder what other lies come out of the UN GLOBALIST SUPERVISORS AND GOVERNORS office.

  8. Let's not forget the involvement of Christopher Dorner, connected through the ministrations of Judge Yaffe. He was a soldier of the courtroom, a soldier in the military, and a soldier in the LAPD. He failed dismally in what he was trying to do, and took what he saw as his only path to justice.

    I hereby coin the word "DORNERED".

    It expresses in one word what could not be expressed before. It says everything about a process where one looks everywhere for justice, and doesn't find it. The word brings together the powers of corruption - in the courtroom, in the LAPD, in the NRA, and, thereby in our very Constitution.

    It happens to too many people. It happened to me.