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Third World.... New World Order Invades California Justice System: Editorial Comment

California Judicial Corruption Unchecked?
Editorial Comment

Los Angeles, CA - Since March 4, 2009, the Full Disclosure Network has been covering the Civil Contempt of Court case of prominent anti-trust attorney Richard I. Fine, who is still being held in solitary "coercive confinement" in L A County Men's Central Jail. We have received emails and comments from viewers and visitors to our website who have offered suggestions on how Dr. Fine could get out of jail.

We are compelled to write this editorial comment in response to those who have suggested Dr, Fine should pay the $47,000 fine (court sanctions) in order to be released from jail. Ironically, only the Judge can release him and this is a case where the Judge has now overruled his own order, admitting that he himself has committed "fraud upon the court" by filing papers that referred to a non-existent court order in an effort to keep Dr. Fine in jail.

Richard I. Fine refused to obey a clearly illegal order by a State Superior Court Judge who had admitted in Court Testimony that he had been taking illegal payments from the County of Los Angeles while sitting on this case where the County was a party to the case. (Marina Strand Colony II Homeowners v. County of Los Angeles)

Now, seventeen months later, too much damage has been done for this legal battle to end nicely. It is now a far bigger issue than just the sanction or the Judge refusing to disclose his conflict. It is the judicial system that has been revealed as corrupt by their own filings. Dr. Fine's court filings and the Court's denials of his motions and petitions offer solid evidence that we are no longer governed by the "Rule of Law". The court filings and lack of response demonstrate how far up the chain the Judges are willing to go for an additional $57,000 in under-the-table payments per year. Even when the 2008 Sturgeon vs. County of L.A. case held the payments to be illegal and Senate Bill SBX2-11 granted retroactive immunity to the judges and government officials from criminal and civil prosecution for their involvement in the payment scheme since 1987, there was no effort made to cease the payments as they continue to this day.

What a sad day for America. The issue before the courts in Richard Fine’s contempt case was that of "judicial bribery" that caused the conflict in the first place. The fact that the Judge admitted taking illegal payments and that his order wrongly stated Dr. Fine did not have standing to disqualify him from hearing the case could cause reasonable men to reconsider the injustice and illegal incarceration of Richard Fine. The U. S. Supreme Court denied Dr. Fine a hearing three times, ignoring the issue of judicial bribery and conflict. Three hundred million dollars have been paid to California State Judges illegally and should be cause for concern to both the U.S. Supreme Court and all Americans in the midst of a burgeoning fiscal crisis.

Yet there are those who suggest it could all go away if only Dr. Fine would give in and pay the illegal fine. However, from our vantage point, it would appear that Dr. Fine is going to remain a constant reminder that there are political prisoners in America, no matter what happens. Taxpayer advocates are in jeopardy, as is Dr. Fine, who fought hard representing the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, and the ideals of Paul Gann and Proposition 13, so that moms and pops back in 1978 would not be taxed out of their homes.

Law in the public interest is threatened now because Courts and Judges are breaking the laws, ignoring the Constitution. It would appear that California is in the grip of a New World, Third World, Order where the justice system is resembling what is happening in Mexico. There are no checks and balances in the Judicial System and the supervising and presiding judges and Courts who are charged with oversight have apparently been co-opted by extra benefits paid from the public coffers illegally by county officials.


Richard Fine lost in the courts but the battle for public and political reaction is just beginning. California Governor Schwarzenegger withdrew a multi-billion-dollar bond from the November ballot intended to fund critically important water projects as he received a “wake up call” from the finance community and opinion polls with a reminder that there is no more gravy train. It is just a matter of time, when the good tax-paying people of Florida, South Carolina, Nebraska, etc. will be chipping in to help cover California's debt and our public employee pensions.


We thank our readers and viewers for their suggested solutions to win Dr. Fine's freedom. There will be a solution once we face the real problem….. of government accountability. California cannot balance its own books but is still paying judges millions illegally to ignore the law, while school administrators, staff and teachers are paid billions to educate the LAUSD student population, of whom 80 percent are in the country illegally and have a graduation rate of 40 percent and no promise of a job, legal or illegal.


Taking all these factors into consideration, one might consider that Richard Fine's protest, refusing to obey an illegal order, is just that … a protest. He has drawn a line and taken a stand against corruption. Not many people are willing to do what needed to be done…… to call attention to how we have lost "The Rule of Law". What Richard Fine has documented is how far up the ladder the corruption goes as the New Third World Order develops a stronghold in California.


Link to Richard Fine Jail Cell Video Statement (4 min)

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  1. I for one refuse to partake in the sham we call our "justice" system. If I have to go to court, the only way they'll get me there is to drag me in, and I'll still refuse to participate in their little game. The whole nation is in the toilet,our government is nothing but loser criminals running free inflicting harm on the people unchecked. It's time to put the second amendment to work.