Tuesday, September 28, 2010

California-Global Environmental Politics: Prop. 23 Who Wins...Who Loses? Video Debate (7 min)

Los Angeles, CA - The Full Disclosure Network ® presents a seven minute video debate over California's Proposition 23, the initiative to suspend implementation of the "Global Warming Solutions Act" (AB 32) enacted in 2006. The video debate features the following:

  • Jesse Marquez, Appointed to the California Global Warming Solutions Act EJ Advisory Committee and who is the founder and Executive Director of the Coalition for a Safe Environment is a UCLA trained Community Organizer.
  • Alex Alexiev, a former Rand Corporation Senior Public Policy and National Security Analyst with 32 years experience, is currently with the Hudson Institute.
  • Leslie Dutton, Moderator and Emmy Award winning Producer of the Full Disclosure Network cable TV and Internet productions.
Alexiev points out that California’s Proposition 23 on the 2010 November ballot was designed by to temporarily stop implementation of "the Global Solutions Act" (AB32) which was signed into law in 2006. The law has come under scrutiny by public policy experts, who warn that the California economic crisis will be worsened by massive job losses created if the legislation is allowed to be implemented during a time of budget cuts, layoffs and fiscal crisis.

Marquez counters the negative claims that AB32 will be harmful and urges Proposition 23 to be defeated so that the new law can be implemented immediately to stop global warming and other public health related problems.

Please cast your vote on the questions at the end of the video. CLICK HERE

  • Considering the crippled economy of California, do you think it is the appropriate time to attempt to solve a global problem?

 -- YES or NO
  • Do you think that California should dedicate itself to resolving the immediate danger of climate change?

 -- YES or NO
  • Do you think global warming is a serious man-made problem that needs immediate and extensive action?

 -- YES or NO

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  1. It's all about The U.N. Agenda21. Very disturbing. http://youtu.be/esJY2SK_4tE