Thursday, September 23, 2010

Richard Fine On His Coercive Confinement in L A County Jail for Challenging Judicial Corruption EXCLUSIVE VIDEO (10 min)

Los Angeles, CA Two days following his unexpected release from L A Central Men's Jail On Friday September 17, 2010 Richard I. Fine described the conditions in "coercive confinement' and his eighteen month ordeal waging a legal battle for freedom from his solitary jail cell without an attorney. Full Disclosure Network® presents a ten minute video preview from a three hour exclusive interview featured on the Internet Website

Richard Fine who holds a Ph.D in International Law and was a former U.S . Prosecutor in Washington D. C. tells of his darkest moment during his incarceration, and the reasons why he was never tempted to give in to the illegal order of State Superior Court Judge David P. Yaffe.

The full interview is to be released to Public Access Cable channels throughout California and on Community Cable channels in major cities throughout the United States a and the Internet. The Full Disclosure Network is billed as "the news behind the news", an independent public affairs cable TV show produced by Emmy Award winning host Leslie Dutton and Producer T J Johnston since 1992.

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  1. Wow! Do you mean to tell me that Yaffe’s conscious was bothering him? You mean he has a conscious? Here’s another thought; if there are a few judges that did not participate in this gross injustice I wonder how they look at Yaffe now? Do you suppose that they went about their daily business as usual? I’ve had jobs where management had done something completely wrong and everyone knew it, but management would never admit that they have done anything wrong; they just get very quiet and less talkative because deep down they know that they have done wrong. Then they’ll start buying lunch for everyone, have little company socials, (because everyone knows you might be next) and trying to chit chat with anyone who will talk with them. This is sick!