Friday, October 15, 2010

L A Times Endorsements Spark Challenge On Judicial Criminal Immunity, Obstruction of Justice EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Los Angeles CA. The Los Angeles Times endorsement of sitting California Judges has sparked a formidable challenge to the judicial candidates. Those wishing to seek the highest office of Judges are being challenged to prove their integrity by acknowledging the receipt of and pledging not to accept illegal payments in the future.

Dr. Richard I. Fine a former U. S. Prosecutor who was recently released (video) from the Los Angeles County Men's Central Jail after 18 months of solitary "coercive confinement" for accusing Superior Court Judge David Yaffe of being "on the take" while sitting on cases that involved L.A . County where the County was a party to the case. Judge David Yaffe took $500,000 over the past twenty-two years in payments ruled illegal by the 2008 decision in Sturgeon vs County of L.A. .

The L A Times endorsed these candidates while ignoring the fact that most, if not all, of them have been given retroactive criminal immunity from prosecution for taking the illegal payments.

California Supreme Court
Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye,
Associate Supreme Court Justice Ming W. Chinn
Associate Justice Carlos R. Moreno

Division 1 Second District Court of Appeal
Justice Robert M. Mallano
Justice Victoria G. Chaney
Justice Jeffrey W. Johnson

Division 2 Second District Court of Appeal
Judith Ashmann
Division 4 Second District Court of Appeal
Justice Steven Suzukawa
Division 6 Second District Court of Appeal
Justice Paul Coffee
Justice Steven Z. Perren
Division 7 Second District Court of Appeal
Justice Laurie D. Zelon
Justice Frank Y. Jackson
Division 8 Second District Court of Appeal
Justice Tricia A. Bigelow
Justice Elizabeth Annette Grimes

Office No. 28 Randy Jammock
Office No. 117 Alan Schneider


Question #1 Do you think the L A Times endorsements of the Judges have any credibility? Yes or No

Question #2 The Courts have ruled that these payments are illegal. Do you think judges should return the money and be prosecuted for their crime? Yes or No

Question #3 Do you think that the judicial candidates should declare in their campaign statements that they will not take the illegal funds? Yes or No



  1. The LA Times has been corrupt for decades. Their reporting and endorsements are equally corrupt and are a large part of California’s systemic fiscal and political problems.

    1. The LA Times endorsements of the Judges have no credibility.

    2. Judges who accepted kickbacks from LA County between 1988-2010 should be compelled to return the taxpayer funds and - until then - be barred from hearing cases that involve LA County.

    3. If judicial candidates don’t understand why kickbacks are illegal, they should not be running in the first place.

    I've posted anonymously to avoid retaliation from the unions that own LA's politicians, judges and newspaper.

  2. I have written several 'letters to the editor regarding Richard I. Fine's incarceration and am still waiting to see the first one printed in the L.A. Times!

  3. I want to know how they can legally change the state constitution without a vote of the public as the constitution states. It does not say that it can be forgiven or changed without a vote of the public.

    They are all technically criminals and ememies of the state for this behavior. Because of this we do not have a real just legal system.

    It is not real that for 3 years no one wins against the county in Superior Court and for five years only 3 cases were won in L.A. County in Superior Court. This is an outrage on the face of it.

    Mr Fine is the hero here defending all of our rights against a corrupt system which has admitted it is corrupt by the passage of SBX2 11.

    Let's get rid of the corrupt judges and that system and make it honest once more.

    George Buzzetti

  4. Yes on 1. Times judicial reporting has little credibility.

    No one 2. Judges should not be required to return the money

    yes on 3. judge should admit in their statements that they took the illegal payments, At the least they should be embarrassed, contrite, but not officially punished.

  5. The LAT showed no outrage at Dr. Fine's treatment by the LA courts. They don't seem to understand that the common people believe the courts are just as corrupt as the politicians. Most people do not expect justice. The LATimes has no credibility, especially in judicial endorsements.

    Knabe and company bought all the judges. They are all BRIBED. Vote NO.

  6. As the election approaches in a few weeks, I want to thank you for providing me the corrupt endorsement information about the judges. The corruption of the judges is not only in the crimmial courts, it is pervasive in the family court as well. I will now be able to vote NO in good conscience against all of the judges on November 2nd.

  7. 1)NO

    2)YES ... ABSOLUTELY !

    3)YES ... Again, ABSOLUTELY


  8. Thank God for people like Fred S. to keep us informed about some of the issues that are bringing down this (once?) great counry of ours. SHAME on all the other information sources that are too chicken s__t to do the same. And a special THANK YOU to Dr. R. Fine to sacrifice one of his greatest 'rights', his FREEDOM! More power to the both of you and never lose faith; we need more people like you.

  9. You're not disclosing any particulars of what the alleged payments from LA County to various judges were for, nor providing leads for independent research into the evolution of this issue. I'm not responding to the survey without more information.

  10. To Anonymous:
    You have come to the right place to find out information on the illegal payments to judges.

    Please refer to our previous posts starting in the right hand column. For the past 18 months Full Disclosure has been covering the Sturgeon vs County of L.A. where the illegal payments to Judges were found to be illegal and the incarceration of attorney Richard I. Fine.

    It seems that you have just now become aware of this issue and that is due to the fact that there has been little coverage by the Mainstream media. Senate Bill SBX2 11 was approved by the California Legislature in the middle of the night back in Feb. 2009 and signed into law giving the Judges and government officials retroactive immunity from criminal prosecution for their involvement in the misappropriation of some $300 million in illegal payments to the Judges.

    Please feel free to browse our website.

    Full Disclosure Network

  11. I know this man is telling the truth. I met his wife she and her husband Dr. Fine are my friends neighbors. This man was put into jail unjustly for 18 months for finding out that these judges were on the take.

  12. The "Full Disclosure Network" URL goes to a page which states merely, "Profile Not Available". This is not very useful!

    And, yes, judges on the take must be prosecuted. These days, when homeless people are prosecuted just for sitting on the sidewalk, there is NO excuse for corrupt judges to a) get away with it, and b) still be attorneys, much less judges!!