Monday, November 29, 2010

Veteran Editor: Exposes Corruption in L.A. (Online Video)

Ron Kaye, Editor L A Daily News (1984-2008)
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to Support Responsible
Government & Candidates

Los Angeles, CA Veteran newsman and long time editor Ron Kaye describes the role of the Department of Water and Power and current city leadership that has presided over the rapid decline of the nation's second most populous city. From 1982 to 2008 as Editor of the L. A. Daily news Kaye acquired first hand knowledge of the inner workings of Los Angeles, a city that was at one time thought of as "the shining city by the sea."

The interview with Kaye is part of an on-going Full Disclosure Network® cable television series covering the politics and policies behind California's urban decline. The series is featured on community cable channels throughout California and in major U. S. Cities and on the Internet. DVDs of the full half-hour programs are available upon request here.
Americans Decline and Fall is symbolized by what is happening in the City of L A where the Department of Water and Power has been exploited by public employee union leaders and politicians resulting in inefficiency and higher rates.
Income and expenditures for the Dept. of Water and Power. Increase of discounts for low income persons, then rate increases, then expand "hardship" discounts passing on the cost to homeowners, small businesses and renter controls
How to save City workers jobs? Raise the rates of Department of Water and Power to keep the spending going. L A City Council is looking for revenue rather than serving the public. Ron Kaye exposes government policies that are self serving for government and not the people. Rev. Jeff Carr the Chief of Staff for LA Mayor is running the rate increase policy as are other General Managers in the City.

Segment #4 "Corruption Institutionalized in Los Angeles"
Leaders have no integrity and that is corrupting the L A City Government. Ron Kaye describes how the city workers are honorable but are sinking into the corruption because of the lack of integrity at the top. The system in LA is "Go along to get along" where people are feeding on grants and must go along with City Hall. Where are the "Ethics" or is there just "Municipal Socialism" by providing vast sums of money to advocates for homeless is not helping the homeless. Non profit bureaucracies are the beneficiaries. Green Energy is nothing more that "feel good" propaganda when the programs have not even been implemented and are impractical.
Ron Kaye former LA Daily News Editor, describes how the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has bought into a "Solar Power" scheme to buy Chinese solar panels to line the Owens Valley floor and is unproven, risky and costly but will benefit the public employee unions in the Department.
Ron Kaye describes the failure of the two party system that is no longer functioning. He says a rebellion can reclaim our democratic system and describes how to do just that. The debate on public policies has been taken over by self serving politicians. He says it is up to the people to turn around their cities, starting in L A. He says L A is the leading edge of the American economic crisis.

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