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Watch Exclusive Interview Here 6 segments (8 min ea)

Segment #1 Richard Fines' Struggle, Survival & Eventual Victory (8 min): Leslie Dutton interviews Richard Fine at home just two days after he was released from 18 months in solitary "Coercive Confinement" in the L A County Central Men's Jail. He explains How he was treated by the jailers and Judge David Yaffe who had vowed to never release him (without charge or trial) and then reversed himself the next day. He gave Full Disclosure Network this exclusive one hour interview so that the public could learn the truth about what it was really like for him in the L A County Jail

Segment #2 Jail Conditions and Harassment Tactics (9 min): In this segment Richard Fine describes his jail conditions as a political prisoner. and how he had to wear a "Felony" Orange jumpsuit . He tells Leslie Dutton of the harassment tactics that placed him in "suicide Watch" to make things miserable for him and to impede his self-defense as an "In Pro Per" litigant, as no lawyer would take his case against the "Judicial Corruption in Los Angeles, so he relied on volunteers to help him.

Segment #3 Why Lawyers & ACLU Won't Challenge Judicial Corruption (8 min): Why did Richard Fine defy Judge Yaffe's Order? The struggle to prepare the legal documents needed to win his freedom was difficult without an attorney, or help from the ACLU. Richard Fine describes how the ACLU turned him down, when he had no where else to turn. He tells Leslie Dutton why he refused to obey the Order of the Judge at the risk of "solitary Coercive Confinement"

Segment #4 How Judicial Corruption Results in Obstruction of Justice (8 min): Richard Fine describes the corruption in the California Justice System that reached all the way to the U S Supreme Court. Starting in 1999, Richard Fine personally encountered corruption in the Judiciary. He describes the escalating corruption that let to his persecution due to the Taxpayers Issues he was taking on, that included misappropriation of funds by the County that was being protected by the Judges.

Segment #5 Judges Refused to Disclose Illegal Payments (8 min): The California Constitution prohibits Judges from taking payments from other than their employer . Richard Fine describes how $300 million in illegal payments from L A. County to the Judges had corrupted the California Justice System. He talks about the "widespread" abuse of the Justice System and Judge Yaffe's explanation as to why he released him when he had refused to obey the Judge's Orders and why the Judge Resigned from office before his term of office expired.

Segment # 6 Judicial Corruption Reaches U S Supreme Court (8 min): The revelation that the U S Supreme Court was protecting the corruption in the California Justice system was the darkest moment in the 18 months of jail for Richard Fine. He talks of his resolve to carry on and return the system to integrity once again.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

L A Court Shake-Up In Richard Fine Case Judge Recuses...New Judge Assigned

Leslie Dutton & Superior Court Judge Robert H. O'Brien
Appeared in 1994 Full Disclosure Series "Who Controls The Courts?"

Los Angeles, CA-- The latest developments in the Richard I. Fine civil contempt case are that Presiding Judge Elihu M. Berle on December 16, 210 reassigned the Marina Strand Colony II Homeowners v. County of Los Angeles case to Judge Robert O'Brien. See the Minute Order here. This reassignment took place following the October resignation of Judge David P. Yaffe and when on December 6, 2010 Richard I. Fine filed a notice for hearing to be set January 14, 2011 on his Motion to "Null & Void" all of Yaffe's orders in the case. This action prompted Yaffe's replacement Judge Ann I. Jones in Department 86 (Writs and Receivers) to recuse herself from the contentious case that pitted Judge David Yaffe against Richard I. Fine who maintained the Judge had accepted illegal payments from the County a party to the case and failed to disclose this to the litigants in the courtroom.

Known for his courage and not one to shy away from difficult cases, Judge Robert O'Brien at one time Ordered the shut-down of the California government when he ruled that the California Legislature could not be paid until there was a budget in place. Ironically, Richard Fine represented the plaintiff in that case Howard Jarvis Taxpayers vs. Connell that was combined with another case White vs Davis when before the California Supreme Court in 1999. Known for his courage, Judge Robert O'Brien Ordered the shut-down of the California government when he ruled that the California Legislature could not be paid until there was a budget in place. Ironically, Richard Fine represented the plaintiff in that case Howard Jarvis Taxpayers vs. Connell that was combined with another case White vs Davis when before the California Supreme Court in 1999.

After holding Richard I Fine for eighteen months in solitary "coercive confinement" for civil contempt of court, Judge David Yaffe abruptly resigned from office prior to the expiration of his term. Read the Report

In the
Minute Order dated December 16, 2010 ,Judge Jones RECUSED herself from sitting on the Marina Strand Colony II vs County of Los Angeles case because, as stated in the Order, she had discussed the case with her predecessor and in the interests of assuring a fair and unbiased trial she removed herself from sitting on the case.

When contacted for a comment regarding the Recusal and Reassignment, Richard Fine told Full Disclosure "Now the County and the Judge are under obligation to disclose any payments by the county to the Judges."

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Developers Relent in 18-Month Jailing Of 70-Year-Old Attorney Richard I. Fine


Jerry & Pat Epstein
Del Rey Shores Developers
Fourth of July 2010

Los Angeles, CA - Multi-millionaire developers Jerry and Pat Epstein have apparently decided to back away from their previously unrelenting pursuit of prosecution (that has been described by some as "persecution") of 70-year-old taxpayer advocate attorney Richard I. Fine, Ph.D.


Full Disclosure Network has obtained a copy of the letter (attached here) from Joshua Rosen, Esq., an attorney representing the Epsteins, that was faxed to Dr. Fine the night before he was to appear at a December 6, 2010 Judgment Debtor's Examination in the case Marina Strand Colony II Homeowners Assn. vs. County of Los Angeles, et al (including as defendants properties under development by the Epsteins), Los Angeles County Superior Court case no. BS109420. Ironically, the letter indicated the proceeding was to be taken off calendar, but, according to the Court’s website, no request to remove the proceeding from the calendar had been submitted to the Court. (Review the Marina Strand homeowners' Petition for Writ of Mandate here.)


Dr. Fine had been held in L. A. County Men's Central Jail from March 4, 2009 to September 17, 2010 (i.e., over a year and a half) in solitary confinement for civil contempt of court, by order of Judge David P. Yaffe, in an action brought by the Epsteins with respect to their Del Rey Shores development in Marina del Rey, in partnership with the County of Los Angeles. Read Full Disclosure’s blog post here.


Under U. S. Supreme Court precedent cases, an individual cannot be held for more than five days for civil contempt of court. Dr. Fine was arrested following his attempt to disqualify Judge Yaffe from sitting on the case for having accepted substantial illegal payments from L. A. County, a party to the Marina Strand case before him. (Dr. Fine represented the Marina Strand homeowners.) The Epsteins' Del Rey Shores development is a partnership with L. A. County, and the Epsteins and their associates are major contributors to the re-election campaigns of several L. A. County Supervisors, all of whom are required to abstain from voting if contributions are received within a year prior to any votes being taken on their political supporters’ projects.


In preparation to appear at the December 6, 2010 Debtor’s Examination Hearing, Dr. Fine drafted a Notice of New Hearing Date for his "Motion to Void and Annul All Orders and Judgments, Including those in the Contempt Proceedings, in the Case Made by Judge Yaffe, Previously Set for September 16, 2010". Here are a few quotes from this filing that, as you can see by the conformed copy (attached here) was filed on December 6, 2010, yet this four-page document is mysteriously missing from the Court website, along with others listed below. Dr. Fine alleges that the partnership between L.A. County and the Epstein Family Trust have imposed a "fraud upon the Court" as follows:

  1. The County and Judge Yaffe did not disclose that Judge Yaffe had been paid $500,000.00 in illegal payments from L.A. County since 1987, when Judge Yaffe first became a State Superior Court Judge who sometimes presided over cases where L A County was a party to a case before him for consideration, including the Marina Strand case.

  2. L.A.. County and Epstein Family Trust did not disclose to the Court that L.A. County’s approval of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR), which was the subject of the case, was illegal due to improper votes cast by L.A. County Supervisors who had received political contributions from the Epsteins and their Chief of Staff, David O. Levine, and committed "fraud upon the Court" by not disclosing" such.

  3. Judge Yaffe knew that he committed "extrinsic fraud upon the Court" by not disclosing that he was receiving $500,000.00 from L.A. County and committed obstruction of justice by sitting on the case.
In addition to the above Motion, in January 2010 Richard Fine filed a Fraud Action against the State Bar Association, naming as a "necessary party" the California Supreme Court (which oversees the State Bar) for failure to disclose that another attorney representing the Epstein Family Trust, Sheldon H. Sloan, was the President of the State Bar Association at the time the disbarment proceedings were brought against Dr. Fine and while he was serving as the attorney for the Marina Strand homeowners, who were suing L.A. County regarding the Del Rey Shores development. Read the entire document here.


More recently, Dr. Fine filed an "Objection" (posted here) with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on November 29, 2010, in which he described the Epsteins' connection to his disbarment proceedings.


Judge Pro Tem Matthew St. George issued an Order dated December 6, 2010 noting that Dr. Fine appeared and that the Judgment Debtor Examination was being taken off calendar. But shockingly, the first action referenced in the Order was that a bench warrant issued for Richard Fine’s arrest for failing to appear at a June 14, 2010 Judgment Debtor Hearing was QUASHED. (Review Order here) Ironically, and as everyone concerned knew, Dr. Fine was in solitary confinement in L.A. County Men's Central Jail at the time the bench warrant was issued, and further, the Court and the Sheriff had refused to transport Dr. Fine from the jail to the Court so that he could appear. See Full Disclosure's July 20, 2010 Report for details.


Mysteriously, there are several important documents missing from the Superior Court files regarding this controversial case that have not been addressed nor resolved. There is no record available, but, based upon the Court's Order of
December 6, 2010, the Court had apparently been requested by someone, somehow, without holding a hearing. The docket only references the following:

  1. A Bench Warrant For the Arrest of Richard I Fine for failing to appear on June 14, 2010. (Review Bench Warrant here)

  2. Notice To Court of Non-Appearance at Judgment Debtor Examination, by Joshua Rosen (an attorney for the Epsteins).

  3. Notice To Take Off Calendar Judgment Debtor Examination Hearing, by Joshua Rosen, Esq.

  4. Dr. Fine’s Notice of New Hearing For Motion to Void and Annul All Orders and Judgments. Including those in the Contempt Proceedings in the Case Made by Judge Yaffe, Previously Set for September 16, 2010.

Dr. Fine informed Full Disclosure that the December 6, 2010 Court Order was issued without a hearing by Judge St. George. Judge St. George also, without formal written notice, took the case off calendar and issued orders to quash the "false" bench warrant for Dr. Fine's arrest for failing to appear at the June 14, 2010 hearing.

As reported previously by the Full Disclosure Network, there were numerous instances throughout Dr. Fine’s saga with the judicial system where documents were not posted to the docket for the public to review. Circumventing the various Courts’ attempts to keep the public from learning the true nature of Dr. Fine’s battle against judicial corruption, Full Disclosure posted those documents to its own website so that the public could see for itself just how far the corruption extends.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Airport Security Exposed: Online Video (7 min)

Los Angeles, CA - Airport insecurity persists while passenger harassment is escalating during the so-called “battle” to make U.S. airports and air travel safe and free from terrorist plots. The question arises, are TSA workers at Los Angeles International Airport (“LAX”) screened for their immigration status, criminal backgrounds and weapons on their persons? Watch this seven minute online video exposing the conflicting policies of United States Law Enforcement, L A County Sheriffs Department, the Courts and the L A County District Attorney.


TSA’s highly invasive passenger screening procedures distinctly differ to the passive law enforcement and prosecution practices in California. The striking contrast in policy and attitude is revealed in the Full Disclosure Network® online Video featuring the United States Attorney, Los Angeles County Sheriff Sergeant and officials with the L A Superior Court and County District Attorney’s office. As noted in the video, the airlines and TSA internal employment policies and background checks have long been recognized by law enforcement.


In 2004, eighty security personnel at LAX were found to be either felons, criminals and or illegal immigrants who should have been prohibited from working in the security areas in the airport. U.S. Attorney Debra Yang explains in the video why she did not prosecute some of the imposters who worked in airport security jobs at Los Angeles International Airport. She describes how they submitted false information on their job applications and what actions resulted in the U. S. Attorney’s Office.


Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy Sergeant Richard Valdemar describes in the video how gang members work the airline baggage handling areas on airplanes and on the tarmac, noting rival gang graffiti inside the cargo holds where gang members had not been screened for weapons and prior gang activity.

The Full Disclosure Network® brings "the news behind the news" as it happens.

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