Thursday, December 30, 2010


Watch Exclusive Interview Here 6 segments (8 min ea)

Segment #1 Richard Fines' Struggle, Survival & Eventual Victory (8 min): Leslie Dutton interviews Richard Fine at home just two days after he was released from 18 months in solitary "Coercive Confinement" in the L A County Central Men's Jail. He explains How he was treated by the jailers and Judge David Yaffe who had vowed to never release him (without charge or trial) and then reversed himself the next day. He gave Full Disclosure Network this exclusive one hour interview so that the public could learn the truth about what it was really like for him in the L A County Jail

Segment #2 Jail Conditions and Harassment Tactics (9 min): In this segment Richard Fine describes his jail conditions as a political prisoner. and how he had to wear a "Felony" Orange jumpsuit . He tells Leslie Dutton of the harassment tactics that placed him in "suicide Watch" to make things miserable for him and to impede his self-defense as an "In Pro Per" litigant, as no lawyer would take his case against the "Judicial Corruption in Los Angeles, so he relied on volunteers to help him.

Segment #3 Why Lawyers & ACLU Won't Challenge Judicial Corruption (8 min): Why did Richard Fine defy Judge Yaffe's Order? The struggle to prepare the legal documents needed to win his freedom was difficult without an attorney, or help from the ACLU. Richard Fine describes how the ACLU turned him down, when he had no where else to turn. He tells Leslie Dutton why he refused to obey the Order of the Judge at the risk of "solitary Coercive Confinement"

Segment #4 How Judicial Corruption Results in Obstruction of Justice (8 min): Richard Fine describes the corruption in the California Justice System that reached all the way to the U S Supreme Court. Starting in 1999, Richard Fine personally encountered corruption in the Judiciary. He describes the escalating corruption that let to his persecution due to the Taxpayers Issues he was taking on, that included misappropriation of funds by the County that was being protected by the Judges.

Segment #5 Judges Refused to Disclose Illegal Payments (8 min): The California Constitution prohibits Judges from taking payments from other than their employer . Richard Fine describes how $300 million in illegal payments from L A. County to the Judges had corrupted the California Justice System. He talks about the "widespread" abuse of the Justice System and Judge Yaffe's explanation as to why he released him when he had refused to obey the Judge's Orders and why the Judge Resigned from office before his term of office expired.

Segment # 6 Judicial Corruption Reaches U S Supreme Court (8 min): The revelation that the U S Supreme Court was protecting the corruption in the California Justice system was the darkest moment in the 18 months of jail for Richard Fine. He talks of his resolve to carry on and return the system to integrity once again.

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