Sunday, February 27, 2011

California’s Small Claims Kangaroo Court

Los Angeles, CA Witnesses who were to testify at a Small Claims Court appeal trial de novo in the Santa Monica Superior Court of California were shocked and astounded by the Kangaroo Court procedures employed by Judge Lawrence Cho in the attorney fee-dispute claim filed by Donald L. Zachary against the American Association of Women, Inc. (AAW)

Featured here in a nine minute preview video are four witnesses who described what happened in Judge Cho’s courtroom on January 10, 2011 with commentary and legal explanation from a Court Expert. Those appearing in the video are: Janette Isaacs, John Baron, Gonzalo Larenas, T. J. Johnston, and Court Expert Richard I. Fine, Ph.D.

The full one-hour program will be distributed in March, 2010 to public and community cable channels across the country, on the Internet and available for purchase on DVD.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

$Billions Diverted By Waste & Fraud, Who Will Stop It?

Segment # 1 - Citizen Uprising To Challenge Cra Corruption?
Veteran Newsman Ron Kaye, describes the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) that has been plagued with cronyism and corruption. Citizens in Hollywood and downtown LA have begun to challenge the use of public funds going to questionable developers for unwanted projects promoted by elected officials who receive campaign contributions from the developers

Segment # 2 - Abolishing Redevelopment Agencies To Save California
Newsman Ron Kaye describes the most notorious CRA project by politically connected developer Hal Katersky who has a history of bankruptcy. The economics of L A Redevelopment projects have been fraught with waste of taxpayers funds. He suggests that Governor Brown's proposal to abolish the CRA Agencies statewide is a good idea to use the funds to wipe away the massive California debt. He laments that CRA Commissioners have moved to tie up the money so the Governor cannot use it.

Segment # 3 - Cra Hoards $ Billions That Could Help Solve State Debt
Bureaucrats making decisions have not produced results that benefit the public, according to Veteran Newsman Ron Kaye. He says we need to start over and rethink how to really help the blighted neighborhoods. He describes how the CRA Commissioners have almost a billion dollars that could be used by the State's debt problem, instead of being used for pet project favored by local politicians.

Segment # 4 - The Cra Web Of Corruption Fostered By Special Interests
Budget crisis worsens as politicians bicker. Ron Kaye describes the politicians who won't cut a deal with the Governor. Circumstances in LA were driven by corrupted few with power. Public Employee unions emerged as power players who gained power with lucrative contracts.

Segment # 5 - Corrupt System=elected Officials+judges+law Enforcement
The decline of Los Angeles could be stopped with citizen watch dogs and the people being empowered. The system must come to terms with reality and stop juggling books to continue pay raises for public employees. The Use of Eminent Domain and "Go along to Get Along" has turned the L. A. CRA into a system that encourages people to do bad things. He says things need to be shaken up and responds to FDN's question..... Is he afraid of being isolated as a watch dog?

Segment # 6 - Re-inventing Democracy & Empowering People
Newsman Ron Kaye suggests that America has to change, economically and politically. People need to feel they have the power to affect their circumstances. Government\'s role should not be to dictate how people should live. "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, not a Lexis SUV" he suggests that we should look at Egypt to see what is happening. "Our system is fragile and could be made to change" ...."if a thousand people went down to City Hall they would be made to listen." The collective actions of people is beginning to cause change and making City Hall nervous. He explains why.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Video ExposesGovernment Plot to Raid Public TV Trust Funds In Los Angeles

What is Happening To America?

Los Angeles, CA With only two hours notice Full Disclosure Network® rushed to the Los Angeles City Hall on Tuesday, February 1st where a strategic five-year plan for L A City Government Channels was announced, describing elaborate plans to use millions of dollars for the City to produce video content to communicate with the public in taxi cabs, at airports, and even gas stations.

In a
ten minute video news blog, Full Disclosure® interviewed Ron Kaye, former Editor of the L A Daily News, who jokingly suggested that the City's plan is so extensive they may even place videos in public urinalsto get maximum exposure for the local elected officials. A more detailed report on the two-hour meeting is to come later as the details become known.

Full Disclosure® learned of the massive plan to expand government channels, at an almost-secret meeting where no members of the public attended. No other media or press attended the Special Joint Meeting of the Los Angeles ITA (Information Technology Agency) and Budget Committees.

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