Sunday, February 27, 2011

California’s Small Claims Kangaroo Court

Los Angeles, CA Witnesses who were to testify at a Small Claims Court appeal trial de novo in the Santa Monica Superior Court of California were shocked and astounded by the Kangaroo Court procedures employed by Judge Lawrence Cho in the attorney fee-dispute claim filed by Donald L. Zachary against the American Association of Women, Inc. (AAW)

Featured here in a nine minute preview video are four witnesses who described what happened in Judge Cho’s courtroom on January 10, 2011 with commentary and legal explanation from a Court Expert. Those appearing in the video are: Janette Isaacs, John Baron, Gonzalo Larenas, T. J. Johnston, and Court Expert Richard I. Fine, Ph.D.

The full one-hour program will be distributed in March, 2010 to public and community cable channels across the country, on the Internet and available for purchase on DVD.

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  1. California has no "just-us" system. Judicial terrorism is what we have. The corruption is so ingrained, and is ignored by all law enforcement agencies shows we're now a third world country. Our entire government has gone the way of the Mafia, unlawfulness is the way the US conducts business with the world. Death and destruction are our number one and two exports, drugs, the number one import. Our president is a Mossad operative, but nobody will admit it till it's too late, you'll see. I used to love this country, now I loath it's government. We are the terrorists that we despise so much, it's "1984" come true.