Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How To Disqualify Your State Superior Court Judge & Get A New Trial

Los Angeles, CA Former U S Prosecutor Dr. Richard I Fineexplains how citizens can disqualify a State judge who is "on the take". All 430 California Superior Court Judges in L A County can be disqualified by citizens who have been involved in litigation against the County of Los Angeles in the last two decades. If you lost your case and did not know your judge was getting money from the County, Richard Fine says you can "Null & Void" the Judge's Order and get a new trial.

If you paid money to the County, you now have a chance to recover that money, according to Dr. Fine's experience, he has already disqualified five judges who have been "On the Take" in his cases involving the County of L.A. That is why he was locked up in L A County jail for 18 months without being charged or convicted of a crime. Now he can show you the way to get JUSTICE. Featured here are Dr. Fine's Motions to "Null & Void" that were used by him to disqualify the five Judges so far in his case.

Richard Fine suggests that you can file "In Pro-Per" or better yet ask your attorney to use Dr. Fine's Motions To Null & Void the Decision made by your Judge. The templates he used are shown below.

Step 1Contact L A County Auditor-Controller: Greg Iverson to request amount County paid to your judge since 1987 (link to Richard Fine's example below). Use the Template with name & E-mail address where to send: (download & print here) (and here)
Step 2Download Richard Fine's TEMPLATE Motions to Disqualify & Null & Void Judge's Orders:
Motion to Disqualify, Null & Void Judge David Yaffe (Aug. 6, 2010) (Aug. 27, 2010)
Motion to Disqualify, Null & Void Judge Robert O'Brien (Dec. 2010) (Jan. 27, 2011)
Reply Motion to Disqualify, Null & Void Elihu Berle ( Mar 2, 2011)
Motion to Disqualify, Null & Void Judge Carolyn B. Kuhl (RemoveJudgeKuhl)
Step 3Send a copy of your Motion with Case number to Full Disclosure Network, 333 Washington Blvd. Suite #24, Marina del Rey, CA 90402 or E-mail it to so Full Disclosure Network can follow and report on YOUR case.

NOTE: Please send Full Disclosure a copy of the L A Auditor-Controller's response to you with the amount of money your Judge received. We will post a chart with the totals to inform the public on how much the Judges are receiving in this illegal Double Benefits.


  1. You Go Mr Fine ! revenge is yours !! its time that the Republic is taken back by the people of the Nation ! Doing nothing for freedom and Country is like turning your back on that have givin their life for this Country so you can be free Mr Fine your an American Hero all stand and take Notice !!!!!!!

  2. We have to find ways to have the judges pay for the helping banks with the corruption.

  3. Banks are paying the judges retirement plans. Before my case had started the banks attorney had put a note in the file folder. I asked to see my file because I wanted to see the note that the attorney had put in the file, but the clerk refuse. Something fishy is going on between banks attorneys and judges, we have to find out..........

  4. I was unlawfully arrested on a landlord tenant case where I had beat the landlord and their attorney in the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia County. The attorney and other attorneys went back into the lower Municipal Court on a dead case and was litigating a false claim to receive Alias Writs without notification, and false swearing that it was me that Dismissed the Appeal while it was them and the Order said that the Plaintiff voluntarily dismissed the Appeal pursuant to Pa. C. 229(a). They swore to this under Title 18 U.S.C. sect. 4904.

    They also falsified information to authority stating that my property was not a section 8 property, which they were being paid by PHA -which is Philadelphia Housing Authority. They were kicked off the program because she had failed expections for violating the PHA Quality Housing Standards. The PHA office stop paying them without informing me since June 10th, 2011. Then I reported them to License and Inspections, and if any is familiar with Landlord Tenant issues, you can not evict someone when you have L & I violations.

    Because of their dirty tricks and lies, I filed a bankruptcy to stop the Municipal Court from their Criminal Activities, and on October 15th, 2011 I was arrested even having a protection of the Automatic Stay for the TRUMPED up Charges of Barglary and then Criminal Trespassing.

    I hope to hear from any one who may have some thoughts on how to Vacate and remove a VOID stay away order so that I can get back into my property that they unlawfully and illegally stole way from me.

    They even let them steal my computer so that I could not file any thing else against them.

    I can be reached by email at and by phone at )267) 770-6134

    I AM TROY DAVIS aka Flo Jo Mason,
    As Always in Parting.....May the Love of God Guide Your Every Footsteps......

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