Sunday, March 27, 2011

Small Claims Kangaroo Court: TV Video Series Online

Los Angeles, CA Witnesses who were to testify at a Small Claims Court appeal trial de novo in the Santa Monica Superior Court of California were shocked and astounded by the Kangaroo Court procedures employed by Judge Lawrence Cho in the attorney fee-dispute claim filed by attorney Donald L. Zachary against the American Association of Women, Inc. (AAW)

Featured here in a two-part special series are four witnesses who described what happened in Judge Cho’s courtroom on January 10, 2011 with commentary and legal explanation from a Court Expert. Those appearing in the video are: Janette Isaacs, John Baron, Gonzalo Larenas, T. J. Johnston, and Court Expert Richard I. Fine, Ph.D. The full one-hour program is featured on public access and community cable channels across the country, online here from links below and is available for purchase on DVD.

Click on title links below to view 8 minute segments

Segment # 1 - Small Claims Judge Ignores Rules, Laws, Evidence

Witnesses describe an absent minded Judge who skipped the Oath to tell the truth and witness testimony in a Kangaroo Small Claims Court proceeding. Witnesses who were never allowed to testify tell of Superior Court Judge Lawrence Cho rendering a decision without any sworn testimony, witnesses or evidence in a billing dispute before him. Court expertRichard I. Fine, a former U S Prosecutor describes the Rules of the Court and the rights of litigants to present their evidence under oath.

Segment # 2 - Judge+Attorney=Collusion Without Evidence
Witnesses describe suspicious behavior by Small Claims Court Judge Cho who did not require Attorney Donald Zachary to comply with subpoena for his billing records and time sheets to substantiate his charges. Witnesses say it looked like collusion between the Judge and Attorney. Court expert describes the essential requirement that claims have to be authenticated. According to the Court expert Richard Fine, the judge breeched the legal obligation cited in the Evidence Code, because the party didn't produce the documents as evidence.

Segment # 3 - Judge Favors Attorneys Who Send Secret Message To Bench
Witness Janette Isaacs questions what was in a secret message was sent to the Judge by attorney Zachary before the appeal trial started. Court expert says this would be an illegal "exparte" communication. This he says would disqualify the judge from sitting on the case

Segment # 4 - County Pays Judges Millions To Favor County On Cases
Citizen Derrick Jones complains about Superior Court Judge Lawrence Cho whose bizarre behavior is complicated because the County pays the Judge who then decides in the County's favor. This frustrated citizen has lost faith in the government and says TV Judge Judy could do a better job. Court Expert Richard Fine a former U. S. Prosecutor suggests how citizens can deal with abuse from the court. Visit this web page to find out How To Disqualify Your Judge.

Segment # 5 - Citizens Ignorant of Law Are Targets of Court & Judicial Abuse
Citizens must become aware of their rights to guard against Judicial Abuse. The government must be challenged at every step. Complaints must be filed in writing soon after the abuse takes place. Court expert Richard I. Fine former U.S. Prosecutor relates the importance. Watch what the Superior Court did to us.

Segment # 6 - Deviate, Unfair Small Claims Court Procedures
Law requires a "Statement of Liabilities" to be submitted to the Court where a debt is being disputed. Attorney Donald Zachary never submitted such a statement required by legal Statute upon which the Judge is required to base his decision. Corruption in the Court is commonplace as the County consistently prevails and is paying millions to the State employed Judges.

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