Tuesday, April 19, 2011

D A Deputy Ipsen Launches Reform Campaign: "Reform First" Stop Felony Releases.....(watch video 8 min)

Deputy District Attorney Steve Ipsen is launching a campaign for "Reform First" that will prevent early felony releases by prioritizing public safety, that will delay sentencing for first-time and small-drug-sale offenders who agree to work a legitimate job for one year. In a seven minute video, Ipsen describes how the offenders' sentences could be delayed and reduced to a misdemeanor offense from a "felony" to avoid the stigma of a felony record. That way,he says, this will reduce jail overcrowding and "early releases" so that Hard Core Felons and Murderers will stay in jail.


In this 8 minute video Ipsen describes how many offenders who are jobless and desperate get caught in a "small-time" drug sale that could label them as Felons for the rest of their lives. Ipsen believes that these offenders deserve a chance to avoid the felon label by proving they are not drug dealers. By serving their initial time in jail then proving they worked at a regular job for at least a year, their sentence will be delayed and reduced to a misdemeanor. This, Ipsen says, will help with the jail overcrowding problem to keep hard-core felons and murderers in jail longer. Viewers are asked to participate in an online opinion survey at the end of the video.

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