Monday, May 02, 2011

Judicial Wall Of Resistance Broken as 6th Judge Steps Down On Richard Fine Case

Los Angeles, CA The sixth State Superior Court Judge, James Chalfant, has stepped down from sitting on the Richard I. Fine case involving the County of Los Angeles. Fine's Motion to "Null & Void" all of Judge Yaffe's Orders in the Marina Strand Colony II Homeowers Assn. v County of Los Angeles, including his Civil Contempt of Court, have been sent back to Judge Carolyn Kuhl who is searching for a Judge elligible to sit on Richard Fine's Motion, but it appears that all the Judges in Los Angeles now realize they have a serious conflict when sitting on cases involving the County of Los Angeles.

Judge Carolyn Kuhl was one of five other Judges who have either side-stepped, recused or were disqualified from sitting on the Richard Fine case involving the County after it was revealed how much money they had been receiving payments from the County of Los Angeles and continue to do so. Although court officials have declined to respond to Full Disclosure's inquiry as to how many times Superior Court Judges in Los Angeles had been recused or disqualified from sitting county cases, they do admit that all L A.Judges were recused in the 2006 Sturgeon v County of Los Angeles case where the payments to California Judges was found to be illegal.

In 2009 the Judges and County officials received retroactive immunity from criminal prosecution for their involvement in the illegal payment scheme when Senate Bill SBX 211 was approved by the legislature in the middle of the night without any public debate. This measure promises to be scrutinized as the Judicial conflict controversy continues.

Appearing in this video are Richard I Fine Ph.D., former U S Prosecutor and Steve Ipsen, Deputy District Attorney who discuss how L A County payments to Judges create a problem of bias when sitting on cases where the County is involved. Judge James Chalfant has received $608,000 from L. A. County according to the County Auditor's Report obtained by Richard I . Fine who says that the Judge had no choice but to recuse himself from sitting on his Motion to Null and Void all of Judge David Yaffe's Orders, including his Contempt Order that held Fine In solitary "coercive confinement" for eighteen months in the L A County Jail.

All Court Documents on this latest development are available from the links below:

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