Saturday, May 14, 2011

Prosecutor Warns: Early Release For Murderers Will Harm The Public's Safety

Los Angeles, CA Steve Ipsen, a Deputy County Prosecutor describes why only convicted murderers will be released from prison to comply with court orders to stop overcrowding and to save money. According to Ipsen Federal Judges have mandated that prisons take swift action to reduce over population in California Prisons, He claims that "Compassionate" releases for murderers will be the favored choice of the Department of Corrections who see a huge cost reduction benefit by releasing chronically ill murderers. He notes that the State is looking to reduce expensive health care costs for those serving "life" sentences.

Reform First: To Stop Release of Murderers
In a separate video Prosecutor Ipsen is calling for "Reform First" before dangerous felons are released from prison. He cites the labeling first & small time drug offenses as "Felony" has added to the overcrowding and felonizing of many in our society who should have an opportunity to prove they are not "hard core" by working at a full time job for one year then their sentence would be reduced from "felon" to misdemeanor.

Watch the Reform First Video Here.

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  1. Simple, the ones serving life, send them to the local animal control, and give them the same deal they gave the dogs and cats that fill the 55 gal. drums they haul off to the dump.
    They think it's crowded now, wait until they start prosecuting all the corrupt judges.