Sunday, May 22, 2011

Who Taught City of Bell How to Raid City Treasury, Rig Elections?


Read the Full Report here that includes the documented proof of how City Officials conducted local elections and the reasons why the L A County Grand Jury, the DA and AG were asked to investigate the obvious conflicts of interest. This report covers a Santa Monica Municipal election that became highly suspicious when retroactive, post election pay raises and bonuses were awarded in a closed, unrecorded meeting to the very officials involved for conducting the election.

The Santa Monica municipal election issues on the ballot were red hot and promised to increase voter participation. A voter revolt was sparked when the City Council approved major commercial and hotel developments, including a Santa Monica Airport development agreement, which became a catalyst for citizen initiatives and startled well-entrenched "renters rights" incumbent officeholders.

Political alliances were threatened as the City Council continued to approve massive development projects. The prospect of luxury hotels lining the beach and on Ocean Avenue was increasingly unpopular and citizen efforts to curb development was a driving force behind initiatives to be placed on the ballot.

Voter activism grew as the Council members and specifically the City Attorney's refusal to prosecute misdemeanor crimes that was blamed for street crimes and violence among the derelict population that resided on the beaches, pier and in the commercial shopping district adjacent to Pacific Palisades Park. Most of the derelicts coming to Santa Monica were provided with meals and shower facilities, and the agencies assisting them encouraged this transient population to register to vote, using the city’s shelter facilities as a residence address. According to Santa Monica Police Officials at one time there were 2,000 outstanding arrest warrants that had been issued for persons using the address of the City facilities for transients. It was reported that many were parolees at large.

The transient population inadvertently became a job creator, generating the need for more city workers and of course the need for more funding to accommodate this new and growing population. New City workers were enthusiastic supporters of the Council members and the City Attorney who appeared to be more sympathetic with the transients than with the residents of the City.

The Citizens Protection Act of 1990 ballot initiative was sponsored by Santa Monica voters who opposed the City Council’s support for a City Attorney who refused to prosecute public drunkenness, trespassing, urinating in public, shopping cart theft and panhandlers who were becoming increasingly aggressive and intimidating.

Following the qualification of four other citizen-sponsored ballot initiatives, the City Council, with advice from their City Attorney, implemented a political strategy to place five additional issues on the ballot, as alternatives. This was seen as a major reason why it became necessary to divide the election into two separate elections one, City Controlled and the other conducted by the County. Strangely the City officially voted to "consolidated” the elections to be conducted by Los Angeles County.

However, without official authorization by the Council the election concerning City ballot initiatives were taken away from the County and placed under the total control of the local city officials. The City Attorney and his staff provided oversight of the election that included a controversial Charter Amendment initiative to eliminate his appointed position and made it an elective position. A hand-picked election contractor was hired, without a bid or contract as required by the City's Charter nor was there a Council resolution of approval. The Contractor instructions for the Election Board conflicted with the county election being held on the same day by the same Election Board. Two separate elections being held at the same time created a great deal of confusion and inability to reconcile the ballots on the precinct voter rosters. Read the FULL REPORT with links to the official documents.

Election Irregularities in 2010 Orange County Electronic Voting?


  1. The whole political con-game is nothing less than a lie-fest. The candidates they put forth are the worst examples of human waste possible. When a presidential candidate can pull off the biggest fraud in political history with a photo-shopped BC, it proves to me it's all a big scam.

  2. The question here is WHO did it? Its clear for WHO has been done
    In Australia is very much different
    We all know WHO did it, PM Gillard and NSW corrupt elite. But for WHO its hard to say, we still try to work out whos NSW Faceless Man

  3. in britain they had special bins to disguard votes, paid for out of a slush fund known as the EU. the fraud was widely reported, some people who tried to blow the whistle were arrested with the implicit threat of being prosecuted for fraud. now in britain with so view voting, they want to give each voter 2 votes though gov itself does not offer itself up for election. - DS

  4. does this have anything to do with that attorney that was in jail for exposing corrupt judicial practices, in L.A.? i believe i read somewhere he was released a few weeks back. does this ring any bells?

  5. People are already OUTRAGED and the affects of corrupt judges has injected every court, not just civil but family, probate and criminal. Judges have made fools of us and themselves. Our legal system is a joke and judges are the key to the problem. ZERO TOLERANCE, HARSH punishment MUST be enforced, the people must be part of this, we can't trust judges to do the job they swore an oath to do. Lawyers and those in office and part of the bar need house cleaning as well. American's are already networking on Face book by the millions. Don't rely on mass media which filters out news. Please join Facebook and find other victims, activist and citizens who are sharing what is really going on today. See for stories of judges like Aviva K. Bobb who murdered Lee Peters for cash, Judge Candace Beason who allows elder abuse, perjury, fraud and attempted murder. These are just a few of thousands of cases of judges, courts and lawyers who prey on elderly, veterans and children for cash. I commend Richard Fine for his excellent job exposing and documenting the problem that affects everyone.