Monday, June 20, 2011

Federal Indictment Due on HUD Marina del Rey Cover-UP? Three Video Segments (8 min ea) plus docs

Los Angeles, CA The Full Disclosure Network®, known as "the news behind the news" presents the following three-part series covering details and actual documents involved in the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) attempt to recall a HUD application that was submitted in a request for a $125 million loan guarantee approved by their Los Angeles office. Submitters of the loan guarantee for a controversial Marina del Rey project apparently generated the "Cease and Desist" letter from HUD attorney Edward J. Campbell, demanding the immediate return and destruction of the application document that had been released to the public in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Video Segment #1: Marina HUD Loan Clouded by Campaign Money
HUD Cover-up of controversial application for $125 million loan guarantee generates curiosity about why a luxury apartment complex in Marina del Rey could possibly qualify for a "low income and affordable" housing program. This is the first segment of a three segment series featuring Marina del Rey homeowner Dr. Daniel H. Gottlieb a Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Purdue University who has been a leading opponent of the project. Also providing a legal analysis is Richard I. Fine, Ph.D., the former attorney who represented homeowners, Fine describes the serious legal questions raised and the political conflict of County Supervisors Michael Antonovich and Don Knabe whose votes in favor of the project were void due to political contributions from the developers Pat and Jerry Epstein, David O. Levine.

Video Segment #2: HUD Application Reveals Non-Disclosure of Litigation
Apparent collusion between local developer and HUD is described by Richard Fine the former attorney for Marina del Rey homeowners opposing a massive luxury apartment complex in their neighborhood. Fine describes how the developer and county attorneys were sitting as Presidents of the State Bar at the time disbarment proceedings began to revoke his law license but failed to disclose in order to remove him from the case. He describes how the HUD loan application failed to disclose the developer's past and current litigation on the project. Fine, a former U.S. Prosecutor claims that this omission on the application is a violation of Federal law and describes the submission as "Fraud". He also points to the fact that there is no funding for the project disclosed on the HUD application from the principals involved who are Jerry & Pat Epstein, David O. Levine, Anne & Kirk Douglas and the Guardian Insurance. Fine states the HUD application is a public document obtained by a Freedom of Information Request (FOIA) and describes the HUD "Cover-Up" in trying to recall the documents.

Video Segment #3: Federal Indictment Next On Marina HUD Controversy?
Richard I. Fine former U.S. Prosecutor describes how LA County payments of $350 million to local State Superior Court Judges has set the stage for developers to influence the outcome of litigation. Political Contributions from developers to County Supervisors who cast illegal votes on projects that are opposed by the public. Fine describes how Marina del Rey developer Jerry Epstein's bankruptcy was not disclosed in the $125 million HUD loan guarantee application that was released to the public and then recalled by HUD in an attempt to cover-up the crime and failure to investigate the applicants. He claims that the HUD recall letter demanding the document to be destroyed is grounds for "indictment" of the attorney who sent it and warrants a complete investigation.

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