Tuesday, June 07, 2011

State Supreme Court Judges & State Bar Officials Target Of Corruption Lawsuit

Los Angeles, CA Former U.S. Prosecutor Richard I. Fine, Ph.D describes the latest court battle against corruption and his campaign to regain his license to practice law. In this 2 minute video preview, Fine names names of the most powerful judicial and State Bar officials who he alleges have conspired to undermine the justice system with corrupt practices by taking illegal payments from L A County government, who almost NEVER loses cases in the courts. Fine was jailed for 18 months in solitary "Coercive Confinement" without being charged or convicted of a crime following his attempt to disqualify Judge David Yaffe who unexpectedly released him and then resigned from office before his term ended.

Since early 2000 attorney Richard Fine has been fighting judicial abuse of power. In his campaign t to restore integrity to the Justice system, Dr. Fine has filed a First Amended Complaint in Federal Court (California Central District) Case No. 10-cv-0048 alleging the circumstances where California Judges illegally conspired against him at the behest of the State Bar officials, Los Angeles County government officials and lawyers for the developers who opposed him in the courtroom.

Richard Fine alleges that the officials named in his Federal complaint (Case No. 10-cv-0048) have participated in unconstitutional acts and tactics, removing him from cases for the purpose of seeking favorable court decisions for themselves and the County that was paying them illegally. The four causes of action in his complaint are

  1. Declare unconstitutional California's Moral Turpitude Law that is abused and misused for illegal purposes.
  2. Declare unconstitutional the State Bar practice of "Involuntary Inactive Enrollment" of Licensed Attorneys who are given no notice of actions against them.
  3. Declare unconstitutional the Senate Bill SBX2 11 that gave retroactive criminal immunity to judges and government officials who were involved in the misappropriation of public funds and resulted in the illegal payment of $350 million to Superior Court Judges in L.A, County who never disclosed to the litigants in the court room that the payments were made to them by L.A. County, a party to litigation in cases before them.
  4. To Declare and to enjoin the State Bar and all of the Defendants from taking any action against Richard Fine with respect to their having disbarred him based upon the fact that the Supreme Court Judges violated the law and engaged in corruption by having received illegal payments from L A County.

Segment 1 Complaint Names Judges, State Bar Officials
Former U S Prosecutor Richard Fine describes his court battle to restore integrity to the California Justice system. His court complaint names some of the highest Court and Legal Officials who are involved in the corruption. The actual Court Documents that describe the high level corruption are available free online here.

Segment 2 Judges Violating Laws Against Bribery On
According the former U S Prosecutor Richard I Fine, California Judges are violating the Intangible Right To Honest Services that says you cannot take a bribe. Fine goes on to say that "under California law L A County payments to Judges are considered to be a bribe and considered to be obstruction of justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice and the Judges are required to pay the money back". In his complaint Fine's alleges two State Bar Presidents whose law firms were representing developers and L A County against Richard Fine and his clients, but never disclosed this information during the disbarment proceedings.

Segment 3 California State Bar-County Conflicts
Richard Fine alleges there were major conflicts not disclosed by members of the State Bar Board of Governors and the State Bar Judge during the course of his disbarment proceedings, . In the video he describes his allegations of a money trail from developers to the County Supervisors who approved developments with illegal votes, then gave illegal money to the judges who then decide in favor of LA county and the developers.

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  1. Is there any additional proof of the money trail. It is scary that this is going on with the California Bar. What has our legal system come to?