Tuesday, July 26, 2011

County Of Los Angeles Versus The Union Rescue Mission Souls Or Housing? Cable TV and Online Video Series Here

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Segment #1 Salvation vs Housing: Union Rescue Mission vs Government Programs
County of LA is at odds with the Union Rescue Mission (URM). According the Rev. Andy Bales, Chief Executive Officer of the URM care provided to homeless was blamed for adding to the homeless problems in L A County. The Los Angeles Homless Services Authority, a County/City joint government agency that oversees multi-millions in Federal funds for emergency shelter and housing apparently does not want homeless families to be "taken in" off the street by the URM. LAHSA Executive Director Michael Arnold said what they want is for homeless families to stay (on the streets) in their communities, so the communities will become aware of their need.

Segment #2 Conflict Over Homeless Care
Are homeless families being used as "pawns" in the battle for control over Federal Funding? L A County Adminstrator Mike Arnold says the local City Councils should address the problem. Rev. Andy Bales says that the Union Rescue Mission is dedicated to "taking in" the homeless and needy families when and where needed as they have for the past 120 years.

Segment #3 Homeless Funds Withheld From Faith Based Agency
Life Transformation is #1 goal of the Union Rescue Mission for the down and out. But L A County appears to discourage this approach. URM stepped up to provide emergency shelter services when other agencies would not, they soon learned that the efforts were not appreciated.

Segment #4 Battle For Homeless Federal Funds or Homeless Souls?
Mike Arnold of LAHSA Los Angeles Homeless Services Agency describes how he administers the multi-millions in Federal Funds for homeless programs in LA County. He says the County favors permanent housing for homeless and shares his concerns about the Union Rescue Mission efforts to provide hope and spiritual guidance are not compatible with the County's "public procurement" process used by LAHSA in dealing with the problem of homeless.

Segment #5 Privately Funded Homeless Programs Fill Void
Rev. Bales vows the URM will continue winter emergency services for the homeless with private funds. Rev. Bales says that year round services are the goal to solve the problem. This need is what activated Rev. Bales and describes how his home video of Hospital dumping patients on LA Skid Row went viral on TV and forced the hospital to stop their "dumping" practices. He bristled when told by LAHSA to "close your doors to homeless families with children" so the communities would step up to help them.

Segment #6 Government Goal is Housing, Not Serving, The Homeless
Union Rescue Mission's method is providing private support for life transformation classes, that require sobriety and not just "three hots and a cot" is the most effective, according to Rev. Andy Bales . But LAHSA Government programs are targeting the chronically homeless with housing using Federal Funds from HUD (Dept. of Housing & Urban Development. ) The objective for both is to establish Regional services but the URM and LAHSA differ on how to do it. Mike Arnold tells of Government Plan to end homelessness by working with the L A Chamber Task Force and United Way.

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  1. We should talk Andy -- I don't understand why LAHSA is being demonized in these posts when they are responding to the call for shift to ending homelessness and permanent housing. I do believe we need to hold neighborhoods throughout our region accountable for housing their homeless neighbors and you could be a voice for this paradigm shift. Looking forward to talking with you about this face-to-face. I will give you a call.