Sunday, July 17, 2011

Special Prosecutor Call On $125m HUD Loan: Video 3 min

US-DOJ Cover Up of Marina HUD Loan Guarantee Sparks Call
for Special Prosecutor

U.S. Attorney General Holder
DOJ: "We Do Not Conduct Investigations"

Los Angeles, CA Former U.S. Prosecutor Richard I. Fine, Ph.D. is calling for a special prosecutor to be appointed to investigate the Department of Justice and HUD (Dept. Housing & Urban Development cover up of a Marina del Rey $125 million loan guarantee for a luxury apartment complex. Marina del Rey resident Professor Daniel Gottlieb, Ph.D. received (this letter) following his request for investigation submitted to the U. S. Attorney's office. This shocking response from the Department of Justice (DOJ), saying the U.S. Attorney does not conduct investigations, was proof positive the cover up was coming from Washington, according to Dr. Fine.

Watch Video Segments Online here - 8-Minute Segments

Spin From Mainstream Press


A front-page story in the Sunday L.A. Times' Business Section HERE paints a "rosy" picture for the 554-unit Marina del Rey luxury apartment complex on county-owned property that was awarded the largest-ever HUD loan guarantee (in the West).

Developer Jerry Epstein made statements, quoted in the article, acknowledging problems with financing, saying he was "hard pressed to find traditional financing with reasonable terms for his Shores project." He said, "I have had over 60 years of experience with banks with never a problem." This statement drew a quick response from long-time opponents of his project who are calling for a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR to investigate the HUD loan guarantee and the failure of Epstein to disclose a bankruptcy and ongoing contentious litigation on the project.

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  1. The USDOJ is a criminal cartel. It's the biggest crime ring next to the courts in US history.