Saturday, August 27, 2011

Judges Muster Power, City Attorney Try Stopping Citizen Challenge To Corruption: Video News Report Here ( 7 min)

Los Angeles, CA Former U. S. Prosecutor Richard I. Fine, Ph.D. appears in this exclusive video news report where he describes how the California Judges are mustering forces to fight off Citizen challenges to their illegal actions. They have enlisted the L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich to scare off and intimidate one civic activist named David R. Hernandez who has filed a lawsuit to set aside Judge David Yaffe's VOID decisions on Prop "R". Fine says the City Attorney is "trying to scare the hell out of him" by illegally calling for sanctions. Read Full Transcript Here.

Judges Paid Off By County
When asked if David Hernandez would get a fair trial considering that all the judges are getting illegal payments from L. A. County, Richard Fine says he must get a change of venue to another county in order to get a fair trial.

City Attorney Enlisted To Protect Judges
Richard Fine explains that the "Dirty Judicial System" demonstrated that the Judges consider themselves above the law and beyond the control of the citizens. The Legislature attempted to de-criminalize the illegal payments but were unsuccessful when they enacted Senate Bill SBX2 11 which is now being challenged as "Unconstitutional" by the Commission on Judicial Performance.

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