Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Judges Obstructing Justice & Democracy: Video 12 Min

Los Angeles, CA Civic Activist David R. Hernandez has filed this a Writ of Mandate with the California Court of Appeals 2nd District asking the Court to OrderJudge Robert H. O'Brien “Disqualified” from sitting on the case Hernandez vs. County of Los Angeles. The primarily reasons cited by Hernandez O’Brien to be disqualified are the Judge has taken over $230,000 from the County of Los Angeles according to the L. A. Auditor Controllers Office while the County of Los Angeles. Yet, the Judge has refused to step down and has stricken Hernandez Motion to Disqualify him from hearing the case.

Judge O’Brien Judge David Yaffe = Same Conflict of Interest

Featured in this Full Disclosure Network® video news blog, is legal analyst, John Baron, who points out the conflict Judge O'Brien is facing when being asked to set aside the previous “Void” Orders of Judge David Yaffe due to the fact he also has taken $860,000 from the County of Los Angeles. This issue involves the 2007 “Proposition R” purported to be a "Term Limit" measure but actually extended the City Council Terms from two to three, four year terms and then relaxed lobbyist reporting laws, violating the "One Subject Rule" of the California Constitution. The Constitiution also prohibits State judges from hearing cases where they have accepted money from a party to the case. And requires that they disclose this information to the litigants. Neither the County of L. A.,  Judge O'Brien and Yaffe disclosed this information to litigants in untold thousands of cases. Although before he resigned from office before his term expired, Yaffe acknowledged in courtroom testimony that he did not perform work for  the County, nor was he under contract to perform services,  but did accept the county payments.

Hearing Set For Change of Venue Motion Set for October 12th 2011

Subsequent to recording this video, Judge O’Brien scheduled a hearing in his Superior Court Room on October 12, 2011 where David Hernandez’s Motions for a change of Venue, and to Set Aside Judge Yaffe’s Orders on Measure R will be heard.

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