Monday, December 12, 2011

Politics And Budget Cuts: Governor Brown Kills DOJ Drug Enforcement

Sacramento, CA Full Disclosure Network® 8 min video news report with Cary Cavaleri, Board Member of the Assn. of Special Agents, Calif. Department of Justice regarding the impending demise of the DOJ’s Narcotic investigations and enforcement . Political forces favoring the legalization of drugs in California could be cheered by Governor Jerry Brown’s approved budget that was negotiated in almost secret, and resulted in the defunding of the DOJ’s Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement (BNE) and Bureau of Intelligence and Investigations (BII). This action threatens many on-going prosecutions and investigation state wide.
Cavaleri told Full Disclosure® that Governor Brown’s approved budget cuts, were described as “reallocating” funding, and in fact, the action has cut the in half the enforcement authority of the California Attorney General Kamala Harris. Cavaleri told Full Disclosure® 200 of the 400 DOJ investigators are being notified they will lose their jobs if the budget cuts stand.


In the absence of opposition from the Attorney General the Association of Special Agents for the California Department of Justice has stepped in to fight what may be an illegal action on the part of the Brown administration. Naming both Governor Jerry Brown and the Director of Department of Finance, Ana, J. Matosantos, the Assn. of Special Agents filed a Writ of Mandate in Sacramento Superior Court, Case No. 34-2011-80001009 on November 23, 2011, asking for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief.


According to the association’s Sacramento based attorney David P. Mastagni he expects to the case to involve extensive discovery, with requests for admissions and video depositions. Presumably the Special Agents are looking to determine who and how the decision to gut the DOJ budget was influenced. When asked why the Governor would want to cut the Attorney General’s enforcement staff in half, Cavaleri speculated the Brown administration may be harboring resentment for the Special Agents Association endorsement of Meg Whitman for Governor.

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