Sunday, January 29, 2012

Judicial Watch On Full Disclosure Network®

Segment #1 Judicial Watch Monitoring Judicial Integrity
Judicial Watch Attorneys Paul Orfanedes and Sterling "Ernie" Norris, describe their mission to "open up" government by using FOIA (Freedom of Information Act.) requests. They discuss the Sturgeon v County of L.A. lawsuit they won against the County of Los Angeles who had been paying State Superior Court Judges illegally.
Segment #2 Who Disciplines Corrupt Judges?
Ernie Norris, questions the integrity of State Superior Court Judges who accepted illegal payments from L A. County. He describes the process judicial discipline under the Commission On Judicial Performance. Two California Attorney Generals, Brown and Harris have both been asked to render a legal opinion as to the validity of Senate Bill SBX2 11 that purportedly bestowed retroactive immunity from discipline and prosecution for taking $350 million in payments from the County.
Segment #3 Good Old Boys & Judicial Appointments
Former Deputy District Attorney Ernie Norris describes a "Good Old Boys" association of prosecutors, criminal and defense attorneys that foster a suspicious cooperation that plays a role in elections, including judges.
Segment #4 Judicial Code of Silence Revealed
Judicial Watch won their lawsuit against the illegal payments to Judges made by County Governments (Sturgeon v County of LA) Paul Orfanedes, Director of Litigation for Judicial Watch explains how $350 million was paid to Judges in Los Angeles Illegally. Judicial Watch's lead attorney describes the Judges conspiracy of silence on illegal double benefits paid to judges.
Segment #5 Judicial Watch Monitors, Exposes Government
Paul Orfanedes describes the importance of public access to government records and how those records foster accountability.
Segment #6 Judicial Watch: Court Transparency Nonexistent?
Paul Orfanedes reacts to Senate Bill SBX2 11 passed to legalize payments that were forbidden by the Constitution. He offers his assessment of the government functioning outside of the Constitution.
Segment#7 Arrogant Judges Make Bad Public Policy
Ernie Norris is a retired L A Deputy DA in Los Angeles County whose goal was to seek justice. He describes bad public policy generated from arrogant judges decisions, citing the release of 40,000 felons from California Prisons and how the public will be impacted.
Segment #8 Judicial Abuse and Public Safety
Mr. Norris discusses the battle to restore the death penalty. He fears the release of felons and the demise of the death penalty will soon threaten public safety citing plea bargaining with violent criminals does not make them non-violent. Paul Orfanedes reflects on judicial discipline when the Rule of Law is ignored.
Segment #9 Abuse of Civil Contempt Cases
Ernie Norris is Director of the Judicial Monitoring project for JW, he describes the checks and balances needed for the Judiciary. Paul Orfanedes, litigation Director for Judicial Watch summarizes the current status of JW's Sturgeon vs LA County case that held the illegal payments to judges were unconstitutional.

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