Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Election Official Lying ? On Voter Roster Policy?

Los Angeles, CA The Full Disclosure Network® has captured on video the conflicting interpretations of the Elections Code made by Orange County and Los Angeles County Registrars of Voters. The Orange County Official claims that "public voting records are confidential" therefore denied citizens and the media access to the voter rosters that document how many individual voters signed in and received a ballot at the polling precincts.

Watch his 5 minute video  featuring Neal Kelley Orange County Registrar of Voters and Dean Logan Registrar of Voters for Los Angeles County, the largest County in the nation.

Viewers are asked to participate in an online opinion survey and to leave their comments as to who they believe is telling the truth. According to the Secretary of State the the L A County Registrar, voter rosters are public documents and record of the elections that are available to the public..
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